High-Quality Care from Your Veterinarian in Norwell, MA

Old Derby Animal Hospital combines large-practice care with a small practice’s personal touch. With our full-service care, we’re able to care for your pet from puppy- or kitten-hood all the way through their golden years. The goal of our veterinarians is to help strengthen your bond with your pet and give you as many good years with them as possible by keeping them as healthy as possible. In addition to our medical services, we also offer luxury boarding and grooming at The Inn!

Old Derby Animal Hospital is located in Hingham, MA, a short 15-minute drive from Norwell, MA. Our owner and one of our veterinarians, Dr. Warendorf, lives Norwell and makes this convenient drive every day. Take MA-123 west out of town, and then turn right on MA-53 N. When you get into Hingham, continue onto Derby St. Turn left at Recreation Park Dr. and we’ll be on your left!

Veterinarian in Norwell, MA

Full-Service Care for Your Full-Time Best Friend

Our pets give us so much love and affection over the years, and the least we can do is pay them back with a long, healthy, and happy life! At Old Derby Animal Hospital, we offer full-service care for cats and dogs, as well as some services for rabbits and ferrets.

Some of our services include:

Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that helps relieve stress and pain, and stimulate healing processes in the body. One of our very own veterinarians is a certified acupuncturist.

Wellness care
Wellness care is the cornerstone of veterinary medicine. With annual exams, we’re able to keep your pet at the healthiest and catch any potential issues early, before they cause problems.

We board cats and dogs at The Inn, our resort-style boarding facility that offers lots of fun, relaxation, and pampering!

At The Inn, your pet can also enjoy a luxurious grooming experience by our professional groomer! We make sure every pet feels and looks their absolute best!

Rabbits & Ferrets
In addition to caring for dogs and cats, we also offer services for small mammals including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, etc.

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It was the first time I've ever boarded my dog and the staff was so great! He was taken care of better than if he was home! Thank you so much!

Kathy T.

Dog Spay and Neuter in Hingham, MA

Meet Your Pet’s Health Care Team

Our veterinarians and staff are focused on you and your pet. We want to ensure every guest at our hospital, whether on two legs or four, has a positive experience. We understand just how important your pet is to you, and we strive to deliver the kind of care the ensures they remain healthy and happy year after year.