Dr. Lauren Poganik

Dr. Lauren Poganik has wanted to be a vet ever since the days she was a kindergartner placing bandages on her stuffed animals. Her early interests led her to attend Cornell University first for undergraduate studies in Animal Science, and then in pursuit of her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, Dr. Poganik remained in the Finger Lakes region of New York practicing at small animal hospitals for several years before moving to Massachusetts and joining the staff of Old Derby. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association as well as the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association.


Dr. Poganik feels professional fulfillment comes in forming lasting relationships with pets and their humans, allowing her to provide compassionate care throughout an animal’s life. She enjoys forming a partnership with pet owners, explaining each diagnosis and possible course of treatment along the way. Working as a team with families, she finds, is the best way to keep our furry friends happy and healthy.


Dr. Poganik’s passions include soft tissue surgery, animal behavior and training, and exotic animal medicine. Dr. Poganik’s advice for exotic animal owners is: “It is just as important to take exotic animals for regular wellness exams as any other pet, if not more so. Exotic pets like rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and birds are experts at hiding when they are sick, so regular checkups are essential to catching potential issues and keeping them in their best shape.”


When not in the office, Dr. Poganik loves competing in agility trials and going on long runs with her two dogs, Wheatley and Petunia. In addition to the dogs, Dr. Poganik has a 23-toed cat named Snickerdoodle, and a one-eyed cat named Susan. Susan also holds the distinction of most surgeries in the family: at only two years old, she has had five foreign body surgeries after eating things not intended for kitties. Some pets never learn!