Marianne's Fund

We established our 501(c)3 charitable fund, Nikki's Fund, to assist pet owners experiencing financial difficulties, along with stray animals in urgent need of care. Our funds will primarily be used for:

  • Treating sick or injured strays brought to us by caring people
  • Performing routine tests to make sure these animals are healthy before going into a new home
  • Offering financial support to people who are monetarily limited and have pets with treatable conditions

Nikki's Fund is made possible (and successful) thanks to voluntary contributions from our hospital, our staff members, and, last but not least, our compassionate clients. We also welcome donations that are made in the name of a beloved pet that has passed on—what better way to preserve their memory?

How We Got Our Name

When longtime client Mary Ann Ray had to say goodbye to her loyal companion Nikki, she struggled with the decision to get another dog. Drs Gorski and Warendorf, recognizing the void in Mary Ann’s heart, invited her to join the practice as an employee in 2007. For the next 11 years, she would arrive 3 days a week to walk the guests of The Inn and spread joy. Ever active, Mary Ann celebrated her 90th birthday walking dogs and delivering a few extra treats.


Mary Ann was a tremendous advocate for Old Derby, particularly during the construction of our current facility and when she passed away in the spring of 2019 we chose to honor her memory by renaming the charitable fund after her beloved Nikki.


She was a wonderful person and we’re proud to honor her legacy and love of animals.


If you are interested in contributing now, please contact our reception staff and they will be happy to assist. You may contact them at (781) 749-2800 or [email protected].

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