Dog, Cat and Pocket Pet Boarding in Hingham, MA

We like to think our cat and dog boarding facility in Hingham, MA comes pretty close to matching your home in terms of comfort with its spacious suites, elevated beds, and plush blankets. At The Inn in Hingham, MA, your pet is safe and surrounded by caring, capable innkeepers with a vested interest in their well-being. And since The Inn is located in the same building as Old Derby Animal Hospital, you can feel extra confident knowing expert medical care isn’t far away if your pet needs it.

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Accommodations at The Inn

Our facility offers accommodations for dogs, cats, and a variety of pocket pets.

Dog Boarding

Canine guests can choose among:

  • Biscuit Bungalows are designed for smaller dogs and offer cozy bedding and a little more peace and quiet.
  • Vacation Villas are mid-sized and geared towards medium-sized dogs. Each villa comes with a Kuranda bed, has a gated front and includes plenty of lounging space.
  • Luxury Suites are reserved for larger dogs. They include glass fronts for an open visual field, views of the television for visual enrichment, and raised Kuranda beds.

Cat Boarding

The Inn has a private cat wing with individual, multi-level condos offering a view of the flat screen television for visual stimulation and enrichment. If you have multiple cats staying with us and they get along, they can stay in condos that are connected so they can socialize and cuddle whenever they please.

Pocket Pets Boarding

Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and other pocket pets are welcome to stay with us as well. We generally recommend that you bring your pet’s enclosure from home, but if need be, we can also offer comfortable cages which are situated in our cat wing to accommodate your pint-sized companion. Please contact us if you would like to know more about boarding your pocket pet.

Additional Cat and Dog Boarding Amenities

The Inn at Old Derby has other amenities your pet can enjoy, including:

  • A play yard for dogs
  • A separate play room for cats
  • An a la carte menu that includes:
    • Individual walks for dogs
    • Extra cuddle time and/or play time
    • Ball play time
    • Special puppy outings
    • Spa services (bathing and pedicure)
cat and dog boarding facility in Hingham, MA

Is Your Pet Up-to-Date on Their Vaccines?

To protect our boarding facility from diseases and parasites, pets must be current on all of their vaccinations. You also need to make sure your pet has tested negative for intestinal parasites within the last 12 months.

Let us know if you have any questions!